Stop Smoking Product

Unique Stop Smoking Product

This unique program has helped hundreds of people quit smoking over the last five years in a one on one environment, and now it’s available as a product to help you from the comfort of your home! We have recorded our hypnosis session as a downloadable mp3, and created a booklet so that you can maintain your success as a non-smoker!

Let’s face it. Most people that come to me have tried to quit smoking many times, and are very discouraged. They want it so bad, but also don’t know how they’ll ever do it. There’s a part of them that doubts they’ll really be able to do it. And then, often, they are shocked by their own results, never dreamed it could be so easy!!

What I will share with you is “the secret” as to why you likely failed in the past. It’s not because you can’t do it. It’s not because you’re weak. It’s because without understanding what’s going on behind the scenes……some people naturally make it easier for themselves without knowing how or why, and others actually sabotage themselves without even knowing it. Within this program, there are simple tips and techniques that will literally change your experience, change how you feel and make this a great experience for you (if you do it!) I know it may seem unlikely, but it’s true. But it’s up to you.

There are so many options out there to help you quit. There are books, laser therapy, acupuncture, gum, patches, pills and hypnosis to name a few. So what makes this program unique, and why would you ever considering buying this product when there are so many choices out there?

Makes a Great Gift!

What makes this product unique?

In my experience, most methods out there focus on helping you quit smoking, which is great. They get you to stop smoking the white sticks (possibly), which is great. But then what happens when you leave? How do you STAY a non-smoker? How do you go about your life and actually stay a non-smoker when life gets stressful, when out with friends having drinks, when real life happens? Most people can quit, and have proven this by quitting time and time again. THE CHALLENGE IS IN THE “STAYING” A NON-SMOKER. AND THAT IS WHAT MAKES THIS PROGRAM UNIQUE.

I have created a booklet that outlines HOW TO STAY A NON-SMOKER. You need tools to do this. It’s a mindset. It’s being aware of certain things that you otherwise would not be aware of. These things can literally make or break your success! And, the good news is that it’s actually very simple, but without knowing how to do it, people often end up sabotaging their success without even knowing it. That is why I am excited to share this with you.

This unique combination supports you on two levels. It supports you in quitting smoking by utilizing hypnosis, to disconnect the habit of smoking at the unconscious level. Smoking is a habit that is triggered by certain events outside of you such as finishing a meal, having a cup of coffee or a drink, a certain traffic light, a stressful situation. Whatever your triggers are, when they happen, they happen automatically. And you light up a cigarette automatically. With hypnosis, we can access that area of your brain where smoking exists and disconnect those triggers so that they are no longer an automatic response. We also create healthy alternatives for you, so that this becomes about creating a healthy, vibrant, long life for yourself. That is why you’re doing this, because you want to live and be able to enjoy the things that are important to you.

Makes a Great Gift!

So, the hypnosis is what you use to quit smoking.

But once you quit (like you have many times), how do you stay a non-smoker? That is where the booklet comes in. It has been designed to help you MAINTAIN YOUR SUCCESS. When you quit, you want it to be for good this time. This booklet contains information that is simple, yet life changing. Our minds are very powerful tools, if used properly. How things work behind the scenes, what we say to ourselves, where we focus our attention, they all impact how we feel as we live our life. Understanding the brain, how it works and how it is connected to how you feel each moment is critical in being the one in charge of your experience. You can either wing it, and hope for the best. Or you can arm yourself with knowledge and tools to support you in taking charge of this once and for all.

Take control of your life. Create the life you want and deserve.

Makes a Great Gift!

What have you got to lose? It’s only $49.97. That is the equivalent of only a few days of smoking.

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