About Us

Melanie Robinson is a Certified Master Practitioner of NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) and has helped hundreds of clients quit smoking since May of 2007. She is passionate about empowering and inspiring others to create the life they want. Her belief is that everyone has the resources within them to be successful, and it’s a matter harnessing in on those resources and eliminating whatever may be blocking you from that success.

Melanie has been working with her Mom, Lynn since 2000 in their family business, The Robinson Group Training & Consulting. They have been helping hundreds of clients take their business to the next level by teaching NLP based skills and tools. The main focus of this business is on Breakthrough Leadership Training.

And, Melanie & Lynn’s deep desire to help people create the life they want has now inspired them to start a new business partnership together – Life Without Regrets. This is working with the same NLP based tools and techniques, but focusing on people’s personal lives. Their focus is to help women Overcome Challenges with GRACE.

Ultimately, Melanie is absolutely passionate about helping people create the life they want. She believes that life is precious, and that we can create anything we set our mind to.  Our minds are so powerful, more powerful than we know. Sometimes, we just need a little support. And that is what she provides to her clients.


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