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Letter From Melanie

Create the life you want and deserve… Quit Smoking today!

Our program is unique. We work with hypnosis to disconnect the triggers and ultimately have you walk out the door a non-smoker. That’s not what is unique. What’s unique is that we use hypnosis, but we couple that with a teaching component so that you have tools and a mindset to succeed. We work with both “parts” of your mind.

Our Conscious Mind – This part of our mind is the part that we are aware of. Your conscious mind is what you use to rationalize, to make choices and to dream about your future. This part of your mind plays a critical role in your success as a non-smoker. Learning to take control of this part of your mind on a daily basis allows you to be in control of your experience, of how you are feeling and ultimately of your success in maintaining your status of a non-smoker.

The first part of our session deals solely with this aspect of your mind. We teach you about your mind, how it works, the relationship between your physical experience and your thoughts literally from a physiological perspective and how you can set yourself up for success………or sabotage your success without even knowing it. This is about creating the mindset of a non-smoker. This your toolbox – the resources you access when you leave so that you are able to stay a non-smoker.

In this part of the session we also get you excited, get you motivated for your future. We get you connected with what you are going to gain, what you are going to achieve, what life is going to look like as a non-smoker. This is the motivation. This is the drive. This is what makes it all worth while!!

Our Unconscious Mind – This is the part of your mind that is running the show behind the scenes. This part of your mind is taking care of everything automatic; it ensures your heart is beating, it is processing all the data that is coming in, and it stores all of your habits……including smoking. In the hypnosis part of the session, we are able to access the area of your brain where the habit of smoking exists and disconnect the triggers. Right now, it is wired as an automatic response. A trigger happens……….like finishing dinner, or having a drink……..and you automatically light up. No thought at all. When we disconnect these triggers, it is no longer an automatic response. You remember that you smoked, but it’s no longer automatic. You have the ability to make a choice, and that choice is to be a non-smoker.

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